Sunday, September 06, 2009

Advertising and your privacy here on the site

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is entirely safe with us. We collect no information ourselves; we set no cookies; we do not interact with your computer in any way other than to provide these page files on this web server for your browser to call up and read. We simply don't have any information about any of our readers that we could do anything with, even if we were so inclined, which we aren't.

We do have a site tracker/counter that registers things like how many pages are read and what sort of browsers read them. This information is collected but not identified according to any individual reader. It helps us understand how to code the pages so that you can read them more easily and tells us which subject areas draw the most interest. So the information we get that way is about how the site is used, not about the user. Aside from what you're interested in knowing, we don't really want to know anything about you.