Sunday, September 06, 2009

Advertising and your privacy here on the site

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is entirely safe with us. We collect no information ourselves; we set no cookies; we do not interact with your computer in any way other than to provide these page files on this web server for your browser to call up and read. We simply don't have any information about any of our readers that we could do anything with, even if we were so inclined, which we aren't.

We do have a site tracker/counter that registers things like how many pages are read and what sort of browsers read them. This information is collected but not identified according to any individual reader. It helps us understand how to code the pages so that you can read them more easily and tells us which subject areas draw the most interest. So the information we get that way is about how the site is used, not about the user. Aside from what you're interested in knowing, we don't really want to know anything about you.

We have a number of links that leave this site to take you to services, information pages, and commercial entities. Once you leave here, you're on your own. We go through everything once a year or so to prune dead links and make sure that folks we've linked to still look reputable. But otherwise, we have no influence on how they conduct their sites. It's up to you to research the privacy and other policies of any site you share information with. It's a scary world out there, and vigilance is always indicated. Always practice safe Internet: use a frequently-updated antivirus program, use a firewall, use an advanced browser like Firefox that blocks many malicious-code-containing ads and images, set all your mail clients to view messages first in plain text with no html, and never open emails from anyone you don't personally know and expect to hear from (and then warily). Exercise common sense.

Blogspot, which is owned by Google and provides (free) hosting for this website, does collect various categories of information depending on how you access their services. This isn't under our control, although you may opt out of their advertising-related information collection using the link in the section below. There's not much more we can do without a financial sponsor to pay for hosting that is fully under our control.

Advertising Policy

You'll notice that there are ads on this site. We use them to help raise money to meet the expenses of running this site and our message list. As with all content on the internet, including what you read right here, be discerning and look for the scientific backup.

We neither endorse nor disendorse any specific advertiser or products served up by the advertising service we're using. Google, as the advertising vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on this site using the DoubleClick DART cookie. This cookie use allows Google to serve ads to each reader based upon information it records (not including name, address, email address, or telephone number) during their visits to this site and others. You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.
We do not work with any specific advertisers aside from the ad delivery service, Google. We receive no product samples, literature or press releases, and our books reviewed come from the public library. This means that we do not modify our content in any way to cater to the preferences of our advertisers.

If you notice any advertising that seems inappropriate for our site, please take a screen capture or copy down all of the content of the ad (and the url if you know how to do that) and tell us exactly when you saw it (date and time, please) so that we can look into the matter. Email this information to Dorie.

If you have other concerns about your privacy, the advertising or anything else you find here at the site, please let me know.